Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby pigs

I went to a dinner party this weekend—a Bulgarian name-day celebration. The hosts made was all sorts of traditional food, and even had a suckling pig!

It’s sort of sad, isn’t it?

But very tasty.


At Mon Oct 29, 12:56:00 PM EDT, Anonymous marty said...

It looks pitiful, but at the same time delicious!

At Mon Oct 29, 04:09:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Niall said...

There is a lesson in this for all of us: eat more beef!

At Wed Oct 31, 11:11:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Mason said...

Wow... yum. Luckily there'd be a napkin handy to dab away the tears.

At Wed Oct 31, 04:06:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Matt said...

I just don't understand why it's called a Sucking Pig? It clearly doesn't suck.


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